Good Morning

Good morning all!!

It’s 0955 in Sydney hahaha.

Yupp so I’ve created yet another blog.

Why are we so fascinated with blogs & blogging?

Why do we care so much about the random details of strangers day to day lives?

I’ve had a few blogs in the past, obviously my tumblr which is still mostly active, I think I’ve had it since October 2011? Maybe sooner.
My tumblr consists predominately of hate filled ‘rants’, excessively photoshopped selfies and re-blogged ‘classy-porn.’

The blogger, my blogger was created when I was about 15? I made it just after I was ‘asked to leave’ from a catholic boarding school, since I was too slack to get a job I had to have something which would pass the 6 months between being booted from high school & the start of my first semester of uni. It lasted about a year until I discovered tumblr.

Oh well, here’s the next attempt at keeping a blog.
Let’s see how it goes….

Love Catie xx