I really need to focus! I’ve got 14 days till my politics exam and I haven’t even opened my books. 😩😩 instead I skulk off to the gym and hide. Not that I have any sense of direction or routine when I’m there, I kinda just test everything out then jump on the treadmill till I’m bored. SOS! 



Trying to find the motivation to go to the gym while studying for an exam & working 50 hours a week is hell! I’m off to Europe in just over a month for 6 weeks, I’m struggling to get excited to be honest… I’m going places I’ve dreamed of visiting for years but I think I’m worried that I’ll hate it & come back really disappointed 😰

What’s am I supposed todo when there’s no pole class or tennis?!

I haven’t been to the gym since April.. it’s a long story =\

Since high school I’ve played tennis & in winter I do pole class but I’ve since stopped cos frankly I’m shit 😂

I’ve just joined a gym closer to my house & fuck I feel like I’ve never worked out in my life & it’s only been 2 days 😩🔫