Oh Switzerland 😍

We travelled through Geneva and Lucerne over 3 days. I loved Geneva, absolutely beautiful, I think I want to take my mum there next year. 



Trying to find the motivation to go to the gym while studying for an exam & working 50 hours a week is hell! I’m off to Europe in just over a month for 6 weeks, I’m struggling to get excited to be honest… I’m going places I’ve dreamed of visiting for years but I think I’m worried that I’ll hate it & come back really disappointed 😰

Bali 2015

Hello Again!


Its been a long while since I’ve posted on here. I’m off to Europe in two months so I thought it was time to post my other travel photos before I start crazy blogging while away.

I went to Bali for a week way back in 2015 & I cant wait to go back, theres so much I still want to do!